Show Your Oregon Trail Card and buy $5 tickets to many of Portland's best music, theater and dance groups.

Q & A Guide

Q. Who can buy $5 Tickets?
A. Anyone who gets food stamps (SNAP) and has the Oregon Trail Card.
Q. How many tickets can I buy for $5 each?
A. Two per Oregon Trail Card, but ask the group if you can buy more.
Q. Where do I get $5 tickets?
A. Contact the group. They will tell you where and when you can buy them.
Q. How do I buy the tickets?
A. You must show your Oregon Trail Card at the time of purchase and pay with cash or credit card. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card cannot be used to buy tickets.
Q. Which concerts have $5 tickets?
A. Check with the individual group (see right) to find out when their concerts are and if $5 tickets are available.

In the News

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Music for All makes classical music, ballet accessible to low-income Oregonians
By David Stabler, The Oregonian | January 4, 2011

For organizations interested in participating in Arts for All, please contact:

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For more information about SNAP, visit the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) website.

Participating groups to contact for event information.

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